Intel machines store numbers with LSByte in the left position. Motorola (and PA_RISC) machines use the opposite byte ordering.

This code is written so that:
  a) it will compile and run on EITHER machine type
  b) the program (on either machine) will process tiff
     file written in either Motorola or Intel format.

The code is compiled with a __NATIVE__ define which is either MOTO or INTEL. MOTO and INTEL are defined (above) to be the value of the first two bytes of a tiff file in either format. (This identifies the filetype).

Subsequent reads and writes normally just reverse the byte order if the machine type (__NATIVE__) is not equal to the filetype determined from the first two bytes of the tiff file.

A special case is the "value" field of the tag structure. This can contain EITHER a 16bit or a 32bit value. According to the "type" field. The 4 cases of machine type / file type combinations need to be treated differently in the case of 16 bit values

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