ROW Member List

This is the complete list of members for ROW, including all inherited members.

ascenders() constROW [inline]
ascriseROW [private]
base_line(float xpos) constROW [inline]
baselineROW [private]
bound_boxROW [private]
bounding_box() constROW [inline]
de_dump(FILE *f)ROW [inline]
de_serialise_asc(FILE *f)ELIST_LINK
descdropROW [private]
descenders() constROW [inline]
dump(FILE *f)ROW [inline]
kern() constROW [inline]
kerningROW [private]
make_serialise(ROW) ROW &operatorROW
move(const ICOORD vec)ROW
operator=(const ELIST_LINK &)ELIST_LINK [inline]
plot(WINDOW window, COLOUR colour)ROW
plot(WINDOW window)ROW
plot_baseline(WINDOW window, COLOUR colour)ROW [inline]
prep_serialise()ROW [inline]
print(FILE *fp)ROW
ROW()ROW [inline]
ROW(INT32 spline_size, INT32 *xstarts, double *coeffs, float x_height, float ascenders, float descenders, INT16 kern, INT16 space)ROW
ROW(TO_ROW *row, INT16 kern, INT16 space)ROW
serialise_asc(FILE *f)ELIST_LINK
space() constROW [inline]
spacingROW [private]
tweak_row_baseline(ROW *)ROW [friend]
word_list()ROW [inline]
wordsROW [private]
x_height() constROW [inline]
xheightROW [private]

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