CLASSNAME is assumed to be the name of a class which has a baseclass of ELIST_LINK.

DOXYGEN: The following classes are defined with ELISTIZE:

NOTE: Because we dont use virtual functions in the list code, the list code will NOT work correctly for classes derived from this.

The macros generate:
  - An element deletion function:      CLASSNAME##_zapper
  - An element copier function:        CLASSNAME##_copier
  - An element serialiser function"    CLASSNAME##_serialiser
  - An element de-serialiser function" CLASSNAME##_de_serialiser
  - An E_LIST subclass:                CLASSNAME##_LIST
  - An E_LIST_ITERATOR subclass:       CLASSNAME##_IT

NOTE: Generated names are DELIBERATELY designed to clash with those for ELIST2IZE but NOT with those for CLISTIZE and CLIST2IZE

Four macros are provided: ELISTIZE, ELISTIZE_S, ELISTIZEH and ELISTIZEH_S The ...IZEH macros just define the class names for use in .h files The ...IZE macros define the code use in .c files The _S versions define lists which can be serialised. They assume that the make_serialise() macro is used in the list element class derived from ELIST_LINK to define serialise() and de_serialise() members for the list elements.

DOXYGEN: The following classes are defined with ELISTIZE_S:

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