REGION_OCC Class Reference

#include <blkocc.h>

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Detailed Description

Section of outline which exists entirely within a single region.

The only data held is the min and max x limits of the outline within the region.

REGION_OCCs are held on lists, one list for each region. The lists are built in sorted order of min x. Overlapping REGION_OCCs are not permitted on a single list. An overlapping region to be added causes the existing region to be extended. This extension may result in the following REGION_OCC on the list overlapping the ammended one. In this case the ammended REGION_OCC is further extended to include the range of the following one, so that the following one can be deleted.

Definition at line 42 of file blkocc.h.

Public Member Functions

Public Attributes

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

REGION_OCC::REGION_OCC (  )  [inline]

Definition at line 49 of file blkocc.h.

00049                  { 
00050     };                           //constructor used

REGION_OCC::REGION_OCC ( float  min,
float  max,
INT16  region 
) [inline]

Definition at line 52 of file blkocc.h.

References max_x, min_x, and region_type.

00055                              {
00056       min_x = min;
00057       max_x = max;
00058       region_type = region;
00059     }

Member Function Documentation

void ELIST_LINK::de_serialise_asc ( FILE *  f  )  [inherited]

Reimplemented in ICOORDELT.

Definition at line 39 of file elst.cpp.

References ABORT, ERRCODE::error(), and SERIALISE_LINKS.

00040                                            {
00041   SERIALISE_LINKS.error ("ELIST_LINK::de_serialise_asc", ABORT,
00042     "Don't call this, override!");
00043 }

void ELIST_LINK::serialise_asc ( FILE *  f  )  [inherited]

Generates an error, as it should never be called.

Definition at line 32 of file elst.cpp.

References ABORT, ERRCODE::error(), and SERIALISE_LINKS.

00033                                         {
00034   SERIALISE_LINKS.error ("ELIST_LINK::serialise_asc", ABORT,
00035     "Don't call this, override!");
00036 }

Member Data Documentation

float REGION_OCC::max_x

Definition at line 46 of file blkocc.h.

Referenced by block_occ(), compress_region_list(), and REGION_OCC().

float REGION_OCC::min_x

Definition at line 45 of file blkocc.h.

Referenced by block_occ(), and REGION_OCC().

INT16 REGION_OCC::region_type

Definition at line 47 of file blkocc.h.

Referenced by REGION_OCC().

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