BOX Member List

This is the complete list of members for BOX, including all inherited members.

area() constBOX [inline]
bot_leftBOX [private]
botleft() constBOX [inline]
botright() constBOX [inline]
bottom() constBOX [inline]
bounding_union(const BOX &box) const BOX
BOX()BOX [inline]
BOX(const ICOORD pt1, const ICOORD pt2)BOX
BOX(const FCOORD pt)BOX [inline]
contains(const FCOORD pt) const BOX [inline]
contains(const BOX &box) const BOX [inline]
de_serialise_asc(FILE *f)BOX
height() constBOX [inline]
intersection(const BOX &box) const BOX
left() constBOX [inline]
major_overlap(const BOX &box) const BOX [inline]
move(const ICOORD vec)BOX [inline]
move(const FCOORD vec)BOX [inline]
move_bottom_edge(const INT16 y)BOX [inline]
move_left_edge(const INT16 x)BOX [inline]
move_right_edge(const INT16 x)BOX [inline]
move_top_edge(const INT16 y)BOX [inline]
null_box() constBOX [inline]
operator+=(BOX &, const BOX &)BOX [friend]
operator-=(BOX &, const BOX &)BOX [friend]
overlap(const BOX &box) const BOX [inline]
plot(WINDOW fd) constBOX [inline]
plot(WINDOW fd, INT16 style, INT16 edged, COLOUR fill_colour, COLOUR border_colour) constBOX
print()BOX [inline]
right() constBOX [inline]
rotate(const FCOORD vec)BOX [inline]
scale(const float f)BOX [inline]
scale(const FCOORD vec)BOX [inline]
serialise_asc(FILE *f)BOX
top() constBOX [inline]
top_rightBOX [private]
topleft() constBOX [inline]
topright() constBOX [inline]
width() constBOX [inline]

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