Tesseract Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
_MATCH_Holds rating of match: blob <-> character
_TALLY_Holds probability/histogram: starts with 1 bucket & grows
ADAPT_CLASS_STRUCTFIX: Holds ADAPTED_CONFIG and other info on permanent stuff
ADAPT_RESULTSHolds results of high level adaptive matcher, companion of PROTO_KEY
ADAPT_TEMPLATES_STRUCTHolds array of adaptive configurations, one for each class, and other info
ADAPTED_CONFIGUnion of temporary and permanent prototypes (adaptive matcher)
APPENDOPRelated to Starbase
APPENDPARAMRelated to Starbase
array_recordHolds one entry in dynamic array of strings
ASSOCMaintain an association between a window handle and the VARIABLES_WINDOW which manages events in that window
ASSOCIATION_LISTMaintain a list of associations between window handles and the VARIABLES_WINDOWs which manages events in those windows
BANDReturns TRUE if range within bandReturns TRUE if range crosses bandEach band has an error margin above and below; see below
BITS16Class for managing 8 bit fields
BLOB_CHOICEHolds ratings on confidence for character in a blob
BLOBNBOXClass for managing the bounding box & the blob within it
blobstructHolds info on one tesseract blob
BLOCKClass for dealing with page blocks
BLOCK_HEADERHolds blocks from file, used by read_vec_file()
BLOCK_LINE_ITClass for dealing with PDBLK blocks
BLOCK_RECT_ITClass for dealing with rectangles of PDBLK
BLOCK_RESClass for getting block results
blockstructHolds details on block of text & constituents
BMPHEADERHeader of a valid BMP file; bmfh
BMPHEADER0Magic of a valid BMP file
BMPHEADER2Header of a valid BMP file; bmih
BOOL_VAR_FROMConverting from boolean variables
BOOL_VAR_MENU_LEAFBoolean Variable leaf
BOOL_VAR_TOConverting to boolean variables
BOOL_VARIABLEDealing with boolean variables
BOUNDSHolds two TPOINT, corners of one bounding box
BOXBounding box
BUCKETSHolds the Histogram info used to analyze distribution
BYTEVECHolds compact coordinates of a vector
C_BLOBInteger powered blob operators
C_OUTLINEClass for dealing with one, integer-based outline
C_OUTLINE_FRAGOne fragment/segment on an outline, integer powered
camera_argStarbase related structure
CHAR_CHOICEFIX: Related to stopping criteria for word classifier
CHAR_DESC_STRUCTA character is described by multiple sets of extracted features
CHAR_PROTOClass for building one character prototype
CHAR_SAMPLEClass manages character sample and match scores, used during adaption
CHAR_SAMPLESClass manages LIST of character samples and match scores, used during adaption
CHISTRUCTHolds the chi-squared value,
choicestructHolds rating choice for Wise Owl ??
CHUNKS_RECORDHolds all classification info for chunks
CLASS_STRUCTInfo on class made up of many individual prototype ??
CLISTGeneric list class for singly linked CONS cell lists
CLIST_ITERATORGeneric iterator class for singly linked lists with embedded links
CLIST_LINKSingly linked CONS cell lists; generic link class
CLUSTERCONFIGParameters that control clustering
CLUSTERERList of prototypes, KD tree, and Info on how our clusters were made
COMMAND_WINDOWClass for dealing with command window
CP_RESULT_STRUCTHolds ratings used by class pruner for one class/character
CRACKEDGEClass for dealing with one unit of an outline
CREATEOPRelated to Starbase
DANGERRHolds measure of 'dangerous ambiguity' ??
DBL_VAR_MENU_LEAFDouble Variable leaf
DENORMClass for undoing the baseline normalization
DENORM_SEGFIX: Class for holding array of segments
DIR128Class which implements modulo arithmetic
double_VAR_FROMConverting to double variables
double_VAR_TOConverting from double variables
double_VARIABLEDealing with double variables
EANYCODE_CHARDescription of a single character
edgeptstructHolds info on one edge or expanded outline
EFONT_DESCDescription of one font
EIGHTOPRelated to Starbase
EIGHTPARAMSRelated to Starbase
ELISTSingly linked lists with embedded links; generic list class
ELIST2Doubly linked lists with embedded links; generic list class
ELIST2_ITERATORDoubly linked lists with embedded links; generic iterator class
ELIST2_LINKGeneric link class for doubly linked lists with embedded links
ELIST_ITERATORSingly linked lists with embedded links; generic iterator class
ELIST_LINKSingly linked lists with embedded links; generic list class
EOCR_DESCDescription of the OCR engine provided at startup
ESHM_INFOShared memory info, UNIX
ESTRIP_DESCDescription of the image strip as it is passed to the engine
ETEXT_DESCDescription of the output of the OCR engine/header
EVALUATION_RECORDHolds one evaluation record (match, certainty, char, width, & gap)
EXPANDED_CHOICEFIX: Related to stopping criteria for word classifier
FCOORDClass for dealing with one floating-point coordinate
fdsFIX: Complete description of one type of feature
FEATURE_DEFS_STRUCTFIX: Holds info on activated types of features
FEATURE_SET_STRUCTOne set of features that make up a character
FEATURE_STRUCTDescription of one feature that makes up a character
FILL_SPECFIX: something for integer protos
FILL_SWITCHFIX: something for integer protos
FOUROPRelated to Starbase
FOURPARAMSRelated to Starbase
FPCUTPTClass dealing with arrays of points used in cutting/segmentation
FPOINTSame as EVECTOR, holds 2D points or vectors using floating point
FPSEGPTClass for segmenting fixed pitch in a blob
FREE_CALLClass for managing memory, especially freeing, in Tesseract
GAPMAPClass that operates on block gap map
gescape_argStarbase related structure
GRAPHICS_BLOCKClass for dealing with graphics block
graphicseventHolds event type
HEADUNIONRelated to Starbase
HEAPHolds the actual heap, two units of HEAPENTRY, Size, and FirstFree
HEAPENTRYOne entry into heap, key & pointer to data
ICOORDClass for dealing with one integer coordinate
ICOORDELTClass for dealing with embedded list of ICOORD, coordinates
IMAGEEncapsulated image class
IMAGE_BLOCKClass for dealing with image block
IMAGELINEOne line of image class
IMAGEOPRelated to Starbase
IMAGETYPEHolds info (DOS ext, open/read/write handlers) for each image type
INT_CLASSPointer to INT_CLASS_STRUCT which combines pre\-trained data & pruners with details on both
INT_CLASS_STRUCTHolds training data Combines PROTO_SET_STRUCT (pre\-trained data & pruners) with details on both
INT_FEATURE_STRUCTHolds one feature used to analyze blobs, ExtractIntFeat()
INT_FX_RESULTPointer to INT_FX_RESULT_STRUCT (feature extracted)
INT_FX_RESULT_STRUCTHolds features extracted: Outlines, CoM, RadGyr, & Number of features
INT_PROTOPointer to INT_PROTO_STRUCT which holds training data from 'tessdata/inttemp' XXX
INT_PROTO_STRUCTHolds TRAINED data (loaded directly from 'tessdata/inttemp')
INT_RESULTPointer to INT_RESULT_STRUCT, rating of individual result for IntegerMatcher
INT_RESULT_STRUCTRating of individual result for IntegerMatcher
INT_TEMPLATESPointer to complete built\-in training data/prototypes from "tessdata/inttemp"
INT_TEMPLATES_STRUCTHolds complete built\-in training data/prototypes from "tessdata/inttemp"
INT_VAR_FROMConverting from integer variables
INT_VAR_MENU_LEAFInteger Variable leaf
INT_VAR_TOConverting to integer variables
INT_VARIABLEDealing with integer variables
kdnodeDefinition of each KD node
KDTREEDefinition of a KD Tree
LEAF_MENU_NODEGeneric menu leaf (Command Window)
LINE_STATSData structure of line statistics
list_recHolds one node of a list, pointers to node and next node
LLSQLinear Least squares fitting code, used in computing fit
LMSClass for computing fit error
MALLOC_CALLClass for managing memory, especially allocating, in Tesseract
MATCH_RESULTHolds one RATING & one CERTAINTY for a match of a CLASS_ID
MATRIX_2D2D matrix of floats
MATRIX_2D_PTRPointer to 2D matrix of floats
MEASUREMENTHolds information about the OCR process, see metrics.cpp
MEM_ALLOCATORClass for managing memory in Tesseract
MEMBLOCKClass for managing memory, especially block, in Tesseract
MEMUNIONClass for managing memory, especially union, in Tesseract
MENU_ITEMOne item on the menu, menu string & handler function
MENU_LGeneric menu list element for heterogeneous list (Command Window)
MENU_NODEGeneric menu item - an abstract class (Command Window)
MENU_ROOTThe root of a menu tree (Command Window)
MFEDGEPTInfo of each edge point, that make up an outline ??
NON_LEAF_MENU_NODEGeneric menu item - an abstract class (Command Window)
NON_RADIO_MENUThe root of a menu tree (Command Window)
NORM_PROTOSHolds normalized prototypes
OL_BUCKETSClass for constructing an array of buckets for associating outlines into blobs
olinestructHolds info on outline
ONEOPRelated to Starbase
ONEPARAMRelated to Starbase
OUTLINEClass dealing with/operating on an outline
OUTLINE_FRAGOne fragment/segment on an outline, floating powered
OUTLINE_STATSDetails of an outline
PAGE_BLOCKClass that manages a LIST of page blocks
PAGE_RESClass for getting page results
PAGE_RES_ITPage results iterator
PARAM_DESCFIX: Some aspects of the description of one type of feature
PARAMUNIONRelated to Starbase
PB_LINE_ITClass for dealing with a polygonal block holding a line
PBLOBClass for dealing with a polygonal blob, outline, & bounding box
PDBLKClass for dealing with LIST of page blocks, PAGE_BLOCK_LIST
PDLSQLinear Least squares fitting code, used in computing fit
PIXROWClass describes the pixels occupied by a blob
POLY_BLOCKClass for dealing with polygonal block
POLYOPRelated to Starbase
POLYPARAMRelated to Starbase
POLYPTFIX: Class for dealing with a polygonal point
protoFIX: Holds info & statistics on one prototype
PROTO_KEYHolds ADAPT_TEMPLATES, data from adaptive matcher for all classes) & other info; or enough to identify one prototype
PROTO_SETPointer to PROTO_SET_STRUCT which holds pre\-trained data + pruners
PROTO_SET_STRUCTHolds pre\-trained data + pruners
PROTO_STRUCTHolds details on one prototype
QLSQLeast squares approximation of quadratics
QSPLINEQuadratic splines used in computing baseline?
QUAD_COEFFSUsed when computing splines, see quspline.cpp
QUAD_SPECHolds constants to speed up comparison of features
R_BITSTREAMClass for reading image for processing
RADIO_MENUThe root of a radio sub menu (Command Window)
RADIO_MENU_LEAFPress the radio button and return the event code on selection (Command Window)
REGION_OCCSection of outline which exists entirely within a single region
REJALL processing of the reject map is done here
REJMAPALL processing of the reject map is done here
ROWClass for dealing with a row
ROW_RESClass for getting row results
RULE_BLOCKClass for dealing with rule block
sampleHolds details on subclusters that make up a sample
SAMPLELISTHolds pointer to SAMPLE and additional high level data
sbdgraphicseventRelated to Starbase: event type
SCRIBBLE_BLOCKClass for dealing with scribble block
seam_recordHolds info on one seam
SEARCH_RECORDHolds all information on one segmentation search
SHMINFORelated to Starbase
SIG_MENU_ITEMHolds info on how to deal with a signal
SIMPLE_MENU_LEAFJust returns its event code when selected (Command Window)
SORTED_FLOATClass that keeps one entry of a sorted list, float value & key
SORTED_FLOATSClass that keeps a list of SORTED_FLOAT, list of float values & keys
SPLINE_SPECHolds details of one spline
split_recordHolds one split, to be evaluated into a seam
STATEHolds info on one segmenter search
STATISTICSHolds statistical info about cluster
STATSStatistics package
STR_VAR_MENU_LEAFString Variable leaf
STRINGAll you ever wanted to do to strings
STRING_VAR_FROMConverting from string variables
STRING_VAR_TOConverting to string variables
STRING_VARIABLEDealing with string variables
TABLE_FILLERFIX: something for integer protos
TEMP_CONFIG_STRUCTFIX: Holds data & statistics of one prototype (adaptive matcher)
TEMP_PROTO_STRUCTFIX: Holds (adaptive matcher)
TEMPCLUSTERHolds "potential" cluster
TEXT_BLOCKClass for dealing with text block
TEXT_REGIONText region within a polygonal block
TEXTOPRelated to Starbase
TEXTPARAMRelated to Starbase
textrowstructHolds details on one row of TWERD
TIFFENTRYSee man-page for libtiff for tiff-related info
TO_BLOCKClass for converting blobs to blocks
TO_ROWClass which converts blobs to rows
TOGGLE_MENU_LEAFBoolean toggle leaf (Command Window)
TPOINTHolds one point
TWOOPRelated to Starbase
TWOPARAMSRelated to Starbase
UNICHARHolds a single classification result
UWRECClass to manage one record of enhanced, instrumented memory allocator
VALUEHolds default 'value', ie: four 'types' with ONE shared value
VAR_NON_RADIO_MENUA sub menu containing variables
VAR_SUB_MENUA leaf in the top level variable editor window
VARIABLEHolds info on address, name, default value, reading & writing functions of one variable
VARIABLE_MENU_LEAFPrompt for new value and return it (Command Window)
VARIABLES_WINDOWSubclass of the basic COMMAND_WINDOW which is used for variables editor windows
VEC_ENTRYHolds vectors from file, used by read_vec_file()
VEC_HEADERHolds file header, used by read_vec_file()
VIABLE_CHOICE_STRUCTFIX: Related to stopping criteria for word classifier
W_BITSTREAMClass for writing image after processing
WEIRD_BLOCKClass for dealing with weird block
WERDClass dealing with & operating on each werd
WERD_CHOICEHolds ratings on confidence for word string in werd
WERD_RESClass for getting word result
WERDITIterator for passing over all the words in a document
WIDTH_RECORDHolds a record made up of two widths, x & y, of blobs which contain num_chars characters
WIN32_RGBQUADHolds one unit of Win32 pixel; rgbq
WINFDStarbase related
wordstructHolds details on one recognized word

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