ELIST2 Member List

This is the complete list of members for ELIST2, including all inherited members.

assign_to_sublist(ELIST2_ITERATOR *start_it, ELIST2_ITERATOR *end_it)ELIST2
ELIST2()ELIST2 [inline]
ELIST2_ITERATOR classELIST2 [friend]
empty()ELIST2 [inline]
First()ELIST2 [inline, private]
internal_clear(void(*zapper)(ELIST2_LINK *))ELIST2
internal_de_dump(FILE *f, ELIST2_LINK *element_de_serialiser(FILE *))ELIST2
internal_deep_copy(ELIST2_LINK *(*copier)(ELIST2_LINK *), const ELIST2 *list)ELIST2
internal_dump(FILE *f, void element_serialiser(FILE *, ELIST2_LINK *))ELIST2
lastELIST2 [private]
shallow_copy(ELIST2 *from_list)ELIST2 [inline]
singleton()ELIST2 [inline]
sort(int comparator(const void *, const void *))ELIST2

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