LMS Member List

This is the complete list of members for LMS, including all inherited members.

aLMS [private]
add(FCOORD sample)LMS
cLMS [private]
compute_errors(float m, float c)LMS [private]
compute_quadratic_errors(float outlier_threshold, double a, float m, float c)LMS [private]
constrained_fit(float fixed_m, float &out_c)LMS
error()LMS [inline]
errorsLMS [private]
fit(float &m, float &c)LMS
fit_quadratic(float outlier_threshold, double &a, float &b, float &c)LMS
fittedLMS [private]
line_errorLMS [private]
LMS(INT32 size)LMS
mLMS [private]
pick_line(float &m, float &c)LMS [private]
pick_quadratic(double &a, float &b, float &c)LMS [private]
plot(WINDOW win, COLOUR colour)LMS
samplecountLMS [private]
samplesLMS [private]
samplesizeLMS [private]

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