VAR_SUB_MENU Member List

This is the complete list of members for VAR_SUB_MENU, including all inherited members.

boxMENU_NODE [protected]
child_closed()VAR_SUB_MENU [inline]
cmp_str()MENU_NODE [inline, virtual]
event(COMMAND_WINDOW *cmd_win, FCOORD pt, INT32 *cmd_event_id, char *new_value)VAR_SUB_MENU [private, virtual]
LEAF_MENU_NODE(const char *menu_text)LEAF_MENU_NODE [inline, protected]
max_num_chars()LEAF_MENU_NODE [inline, protected, virtual]
MENU_NODE(const char *txt)MENU_NODE [inline, protected]
nameMENU_NODE [protected]
new_label(const char *label)MENU_NODE [inline]
plot(WINDOW window)MENU_NODE
plotx(WINDOW window)LEAF_MENU_NODE [protected, virtual]
recalc_bounding_box(INT16 tl_x, INT16 tl_y)MENU_NODE [protected, virtual]
rootVAR_SUB_MENU [private]
sub_windowVAR_SUB_MENU [private]
VAR_SUB_MENU(const char *menu_text, MENU_ROOT *sub_menu)VAR_SUB_MENU [inline]
write_vars(FILE *fp, BOOL8 changes_only)VAR_SUB_MENU [inline, private, virtual]

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