ESTRIP_DESC Struct Reference

#include <ocrclass.h>

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Detailed Description

Description of the image strip as it is passed to the engine.

The image is always 1 bit, with 1=black. The width is always a multiple of 32, so padding is always OK. The height of the full image is always a multiple of 32. The top y coordinate is 0, and increases down. The top leftmost pixel is in the most significant bit of the first byte.

Definition at line 238 of file ocrclass.h.

Public Attributes

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Definition at line 244 of file ocrclass.h.

INT16 ESTRIP_DESC::resolution

Definition at line 243 of file ocrclass.h.

INT16 ESTRIP_DESC::strip_size

Definition at line 242 of file ocrclass.h.

Referenced by ocr_get_first_image_strip(), and ocr_get_next_image_strip().


Definition at line 240 of file ocrclass.h.

Referenced by ocr_error(), and ocr_get_first_image_strip().


Definition at line 241 of file ocrclass.h.

Referenced by ocr_get_first_image_strip().

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